Board of Management

Tyrrelstown E.T.N.S. Board of Management runs our school in accordance with Department of Education and Educate Together Rules & Regulations. All discussions at meetings and decisions made are confidential, unless specifically agreed to be made public.

The Board of Management has 8 members.

Chairperson & Educate Together Nominee

Hugh Murphy

Assistant Chairperson & Educate Together Nominee

Clodagh O Donovan

Board Secretary & School Principal

Tim Stapleton

Treasurer & Community Representative

Gabrielle McManus

Assistant Secretary & Teachers Representative

Louise Kirwan

Parent Nominee (Male)

Conn Woolridge

Assistant Treasurer & Parent Nominee (Female)

Sinead Webb

Health and Safety Officer & Community Representative

David Smith

This board has a four year term, ending in Nov/Dec 2019, and vacancies shall be filled as necessary.

Any parent or guardian may contact the Board by writing to the B.o.M. at any time at the following address:

Tyrrelstown E.T.N.S. Board of Management

c/o Tyrrelstown Educate Together National School

Hollywood Road


Dublin 15

D15 X938