Sixth Class will be starting their business as part of the Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP) from this week onwards. This year our business is called BattleBox, which is a series of mental and physical challenges similar to the popular TV show The Cube.

We have two price plans available to suit all budgets:

€4 will buy you a Green Band which entitles the wearer to unlimited lives (ie they can try as many of the challenges as many times as they like within the time-frame!) or €2.50 will buy you a Blue Band which entitles the wearer to 3 lives. Additional lives will be available to purchase on the day at a cost of 50c per life. If you successfully complete a task you keep your life! Our slogan is “If you complete it, you keep it!”

The class with the most points at the end of BattleBox will win a prize!

We appreciate your support with this project but it is by no means compulsory! The money raised from this business will be used, like every year previous, to help fund the annual sixth class school tour.