Homework serves several purposes:

  1. Homework consolidates schoolwork.
  2. Homework is an opportunity to develop independent working.
  3. It enables parents to engage with their child’s academic learning.

There may be no homework on Fridays or on special occasions. The infant class teachers will meet with parents every September/October to discuss helping their children with schoolwork at home. Homework can be an important part of your child’s progress. The homework your child receives will generally be based on previously covered work in school. It will seldom be unfamiliar or new work. Please talk to your child’s teacher if homework is a problem.

The following ‘homework tips’ may be useful for parents/guardians:

  • Establish a timed homework routine.
  • Set aside a regular place and suitable chair and table.
  • Encourage your child to keep books and copies clean and tidy.
  • Encourage independent work but try and be available to help if needed and also show interest in what is being done.
  • Praise your child’s efforts and ask him/her their opinions/views.
  • If you are working with your child and you feel yourself becoming impatient, stop.
  • If homework cannot be done, please let your child’s teacher know in writing the following morning.
  • If the homework is causing problems at home, please contact the class teacher to discuss the issue.

A few years ago, the Parent/Teacher Association created a presentation explaining homework and the Primary School Curriculum. You can access this presentation below.