Healthy eating

There are two breaks during the day. During these breaks the children eat their own lunch in the classroom and then go outside to the playground. If the weather is unsuitable, children remain in their classrooms and are engaged with a variety of educational activities.

Children spread their food and drink intake over the two breaks. Our school operates a Healthy Eating PolicyParents, children and teachers should help each other to eat healthily during school time. In-class discussions on healthy eating and living along with physical activities will be part of our school based approach.

Chewing gum, fizzy drinks, sweets, bars, chocolates, biscuits and crisps are not included in our “healthy food” category.

A child’s behaviour and ability to concentrate in school is affected by the food he or she eats. For safety reasons children should not bring drinks in glass bottles. A lunch box, which the child can open and close themselves, saves a lot of time. Pupils should also be able to open and close their own drinks.

Children are required to bring home any uneaten food and all food wrappings/cartons. In this way you will know what they have eaten and the children will learn to be responsible for recycling/disposing of their own wrappings/cartons.

The school does not facilitate children’s birthday parties. The teacher and children in the class will mark birthdays in a simple but appropriate fashion. Parents are asked not to give ‘goody bags’ to class friends on the school premises.

The Lunch Bag – Lunch delivery service

The Lunch Bag is a school lunch delivery service that provides parents with an alternative option to lunch making. Lunches can be ordered for the week via the Lunch Bag app. Lunches are then delivered to the school each day.

For more information on the Lunch Bag service including pricing and details of how to order, please go to