Our history


Our school began in some prefabs in the grounds of Mary Mother of Hope National School in Littlepace. We were small back then, with just our Principal Nicola, Deputy Principal Fergal and four other teachers. We only had three classes in our school this year.

Halfway through the year, we moved to a new prefab building on the Powerstown Road. This made it a lot easier to get to school in the mornings!


Our Principal Nicola moved on to another school and Maurice became our new Principal. Our school was growing which meant that we did not have enough room for everyone in Powerstown Road. The Junior and Senior Infants stayed in Powerstown, while a Senior Infant class along with 1st, 2nd and 3rd class took a bus every morning to Blanchardstown. Their school building was in the old Horological Institute. We now had 14 teachers and ten classes.


This was the year where we were at last all together! A two storey prefab (which used to be Castleknock Educate Together’s old school) was built beside our original building on Powerstown Road. A new junior yard was built and we even had a school hall where we could have assemblies together.


Our school was still growing and we needed a permanent home. This year, we held a demonstration at the Civic Offices in Blanchardstown to highlight our need.


Our Deputy Principal Fergal left us at the end of this year to become a Principal of his own school!

Construction began on our new school building in Tyrrelstown. At the end of the year, we packed up our school into boxes, locked the doors, turned off the lights and said goodbye to Powerstown Road which had been our home for the past few years.


Finally, after six years, our new school building was completed. We were all very excited to move in and see our new classrooms, huge school hall and our new school yard.

Not only did we get a new building, our new Deputy Principal was Noel. We also opened our first class for pupils with special educational needs called Setanta. A Whole School Inspection was carried out in October. You can read the results of it here. In April, we hosted the Educate Together Annual General Meeting.

We had a very busy year!


Sadly, Maurice left our school at the end of the year. We were all very curious to see who our new Principal would be.


We were very excited to welcome Michael as our new Principal. This same year, we welcomed Anne to our school. Anne shares her studio space in our school as part of the Room 13 initiative.


This year, we were very sorry to say goodbye to Michael and Noel.

We welcomed Tim as our new Principal and Emma became our Deputy Principal.

When we came back after our October mid-term, because of upgrades which needed to be carried out on our building, we needed to move all of 1st-6th classes over to Hansfield Educate Together Secondary School. This meant getting on buses and travelling over every morning until the Winter holidays. The Junior and Senior Infants stayed in Tyrrelstown.

After the Winter holidays, we all moved back to Tyrrelstown and to our old classrooms. Things looked a little different but we were all so happy to be back in our school again!


In March of 2019, the Department of Education instructed all schools to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We all thought that school would be closed for a few weeks. We had no idea that we would not open again until September.

School continued online through Google Classroom until the end of the school year.

It was a very different year for everyone!


School reopened in September with lots of guidelines provided to us by the Department of Education. We had to keep our distance from each other, clean our hands (a lot!) and even got our own space in the yard to play in.

In January 2021, the Department of Education again instructed all schools to close because of the COVID 19 pandemic. We switched back on Google Classroom and went back to learning at home.

In March, schools reopened. We were all so happy to see each other again!