Return to School

Hi everyone,

We hope all children and parents had a great summer break and are looking forward to returning  / starting school at TETNS tomorrow, 3rd September 2019.

As you will know, it has been a very busy summer of building works rectifying the issues that were discovered last October and we are delighted to say that the building is looking great, the scaffolding has been removed and we are back fully functional.

We were handed back the keys to the school over the weekend and a massive thank you to all of the staff who have been in over the weekend and today moving furniture, making resources, arranging rooms and cleaning in order to have the school ready for the children’s return in the morning. Thank you also goes to all the parents and children of the school for their patience with dealing with our delayed return until tomorrow but we are delighted to have the building ready for your return and we are looking forward to seeing you all.

To confirm, school will commence at 8:40am and the front doors will open at 8:30am as per usual. All children (except Junior Infants and new pupils) will go straight through the main entrance and out into the yard where the teachers will be waiting for them. Junior Infants and new pupils will assemble in the school hall and parents can wait with these children until the teachers and school commences. Parents of Junior Infants will then be invited to accompany their children to the classroom for a short while. In addition, it would be greatly appreciated if parents of any new students starting would please make sure to return their GDPR forms and any other documentation requested by the school when they come in tomorrow.

After all of the work undertaken in the summer, we have been presented with some small issues such as our office isn’t fully functioning just yet as machinery and equipment is being re-installed and we are having some trouble with our phone lines. It should take a couple of days for all of these small things to be ironed out and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the morning and are really excited for the year ahead!

Kind regards

Tim Stapleton