Resource money

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Over the last number of weeks the Board of Management has been examining the resource money paid by parents for the 2019 / 2020 academic year.

Due to the fact that the school has been closed since the middle of March the Board decided at our most recent board meeting to reduce the resource money / booklist by €20 per child for the 2020 / 2021 academic year.

If your child is in 6th Class this year and is moving on to secondary school, that child’s refund can be passed onto a younger sibling in the school. If a current 6th Class child does not have a sibling in the school you can email the office at with the child’s name and we will organise for the refund to be picked up at the school when it reopens next September.

In addition to this, we are aware that After School Clubs were running at the time of the closure and were only a few weeks into their timetable. The teachers will continue those clubs from where they left off in March when the school reopens.

If you have a child that is currently in 6th Class and won’t be returning you can offer the place to another sibling if you like or we can organise a pro-rata refund when the school reopens.

Kind regards