Reopening Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope this email finds you well at this very difficult and challenging time for our school community.

Tomorrow, we were hoping that we would be in a position to welcome back the children who attend Setanta, our ASD classes but unfortunately, as many of you will have heard, the Department is not going through with those plans at this point in time.

We also had plans in place to begin to welcome back some of the children in our mainstream classes who have significant additional needs but unfortunately, this will also not be possible.

To all of the families that this affects, our hearts go out to you and all of the uncertainty and false dawns for return have done nothing but enhance an already extremely stressful situation. Although it doesn’t fix anything, please know that we have plans in place for the return of children in a range of different scenarios, for whenever we get the go ahead.

Although, it is a real struggle for families to balance home, work and school life from your homes at the moment, the level of engagement with remote learning across the school has been amazing, thank you. Hopefully, there will be changes soon and we can begin to return to normal school life.

Take care,