Newsletter May/June 2024


  • A note from Tim
  • Classroom Updates
  • Extra Curricular Activities

A note from Tim

It is fantastic to see all of the great work and activities the children have been doing lately in their classes and around the school. There has been a great atmosphere in the school and it is great to see so many children learning new things and having fun doing so! 

We have had a jam packed term here in the school with lots of activities and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the children and staff who have put some much time, effort and determination into representing the school at various sporting events. The children gave some phenomenal performances in soccer, Gaelic football and athletics etc. lately and we had some great wins and narrow losses that we will celebrate and learn from. Above all, it was particularly heart warming to hear from members of the public how well mannered and behaved the children are from this school, be it at sporting events or school tours, and this is something the entire school community should be very proud of.

Finally, I hope all the children enjoy the last few weeks of school including Active Week in June and I want to wish our graduating 6th Classes the very best of luck for the future and thank them for the incredible impact they have had in our school since joining us. They will be sorely missed but we are excited to see what they do after they have left TETNS!

Classroom Updates

Mark’s Setanta Class

We have been learning to sew in Mark’s class. We have some lovely pictures to create. This is a great fine motor skill which also improves our hand/eye coordination. Additionally, it is a lovely calming activity which is wonderful for helping us to relax.

Sinéad’s Setanta Class

Our “Skill of the Month” is measuring. There are a lot of things we can measure. We can measure time, length, weight and capacity. We measure light items like feathers, in grams. We weigh heavy items like elephants, in kilograms. On our skills table we have scales, measuring tape, a metre stick, measuring jugs, clocks and egg timers.  It is so much fun playing with all our measuring tools!

April’s Junior Infants

April’s class has been learning about travel and holidays. We have been looking at different ways we can travel to different countries. We have used this new knowledge to play and take on roles of pilots, travel agents and passengers. We even made our own passports and packed up some suitcases! 

Here is some of our class getting ready to book a flight and show their passport.

Báetán’s Junior Infants

Báetán’s class has been learning all about the fire station. We have expanded our vocabulary, using words  like “alarm,” “extinguisher” and “fire engine” as we work and learn through play in the Aistear Room. The children enjoyed dressing up as firefighters and creating problems for each other to solve like rescuing a cat stuck up a tree, putting out a fire and even saving one of our teddies trapped under a bridge. Here are some of our classmates riding in our very own fire engine.

Meredith’s Junior Infants

Meredith’s class went to the zoo.  We learned about amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, and mammals.  We saw geese, and they had big necks.  We learned that gorillas eat vegetables, bananas, and apples.  They say “er, er.”  We learned that rhinos blend in with the floor.  -written by the Junior Infants 

Claire C’s Senior Infants

This term Claire’s class were learning all about where we get water from. We set up a rain gauge on the yard to see how much rain it would collect overnight. We were very surprised at how much we collected. Then we were able to use it to water our sunflowers that we planted in our recycled milk cartons and bottles.We hope all the sunflowers are growing strong at home! Senior infants have also been learning a circle folk dance which has been lots and lots of fun.

Elaine’s Senior Infants

This term, Elaine’s class was learning about respecting others in the class and around the school. We had a great opportunity to show how amazing we are at working with others when 5th class came to collaborate on an art/science lesson. The children worked in teams to draw their designs and with the help of the older kids, made some impressive structures using spaghetti and marshmallows! We had lots of fun!

Gerry’s Senior Infants

This term, Gerry’s class had been doing the Outdoor and Adventure strand in PE and had particular fun on their Nature Scavenger Hunt around the school yard and garden. The children made and painted the Planet Earth for Earth Day. 

During Aistear, we learned all about the Fire Station while putting out fires and saving lives!

Ciara’s 1st Class

Ciara’s class learnt about the artist Michelangelo last month. We couldn’t believe that he painted the entire Sistine Chapel ceiling over 4 years! We discussed the difficulties he must have faced over the course of the 4 years and how tired his arm must have been! We tried to recreate what that must have been like and we created some beautiful pieces of art in the process.

Jodie’s 1st Class

In Jodie’s class we’ve been learning about the life cycle of different living things. Using some sunflower seeds, soil, water and pots we’re going to try and observe the life cycle of a sunflower first hand. We planted our seeds last week and so far we have three shoots beginning to show.

Lauren’s 1st Class

In Lauren’s class we have been learning about our local area. We have learned about different house types, people who work in our area and we even looked at pictures from  a long time ago to see how our area has changed! In groups, we then made our own towns using recycled materials. We had great fun working together.

Dawn & Orla’s 2nd Classes

In Dawn and Orla’s second classes we have been learning lots of interesting facts about Australia. We have been learning about Aborigines and their unique form of art work and have become familiar with native Australian animals. We then spent time writing up lots of interesting facts we learned about Australia on our fact file and decorating bright colourful boomerangs.

Denis’ 3rd Class

Denis’ 3rd class and some pupils from Eoin’s class are hosting an election on the 5th of June. We are doing it for fun and copying the real election. We are going to have our own polling station in the hall. Anyone over the age of 4 years old can vote, if they have registered with their class by 31st of May. There are 7 political parties going for election. All the candidates and parties have made their own posters and placed them around the school. There are 19 candidates in total. The count will take place in Room 11 on Thursday 6th of June.

Eoin O’s 3rd Class

Eoin’s 3rd class had a brilliant time on our school tour! We spent the first half of the day at Jumpzone in Santry and the second half of the day in Millenium Park. Luckily the weather was lovely and so loads of fun was had by all!

Keith’s 3rd Class

The past few weeks have been busy for us. We have started weekly athletics lessons with a visiting coach. We have begun research on different countries so that we can work on report writing. We were also on tours to Fighting Words and then to Jumpzone and Millenium Park. In art we made our own textile collages by designing geometric patterns and laying fabric to create interesting, eye-catching pieces of art.

Claire’s 4th Class

We’ve had a wonderfully busy term in Claire’s 4th class. We loved having Doireann and Ellie teach us about a variety of different topics including writing Diary Entries. We got to bring a Googly Eyed Friend home with us and write about our adventures from their perspective. We’ve learnt about the different layers of rainforests and the creatures that live there. We also looked at deforestation and the impact it has on our planet. After studying Forestry in Ireland we were delighted to visit Avondale Forest Park in Wicklow and in particular to slide down from the top of the Treetop Walk. Tá sceitimíní orainn (we’re so excited) for the upcoming Active Schools Week after honing our javelin throwing skills with our Athletics Coach, Ciarán.

Kathryn’s 4th Class

In Kathryn’s 4th class we have been learning all about The Rainforest and the different animals and layers of the Rainforest. We also explored the tribes of the Rainforests and compared them to our daily lives.

We loved learning about the Rainforest so we took a school trip to Avondale Forest Park. We had a great time and got some great views from the Tree tops.

Paul’s 4th Class

In Paul’s 4th class, we have been engaging in the Dare to Believe Road to Paris Olympics challenge programme

We have been getting physically active in the classroom, virtually making our way from Dublin to Paris whilst learning about many Olympic related topics on route. We researched past and present Irish Olympians, looked at the importance of mascots and what they represent and in turn designed and created our own class and school mascots with values and characteristics. 

In addition to all of this we learned about the history of the olympics and the importance of showing respect in all sports. 

We are all now very much looking forward to supporting team Ireland this summer!

Adam’s 5th Class

Adam’s class have been learning all about advertising, and how to use persuasive writing techniques to get someone to buy a product. We created our own companies, including a logo and a slogan. We then decided what demographic we would target with our advertising, and created persuasive posters!

Mallorie’s 5th Class

Mallorie’s class has been learning how to sew using a needle and thread. They have created the most amazing projects through string art and cross stitch projects. Anyone need a button sewn?

Seán’s 5th Class

Seán’s class had a very busy May. The class have been working on their Gaeilge skills to compose pieces of writing on the chromebooks. The class also got to have a fun day after winning Class of the Week for the 5th time this year! But the best part of May so far?? The amazing school tour…a great day was had by all!

Eoin M’s 6th Class

In Irish class, we studied our verbs and learnt about different sports  that we play in Ireland. We finished our studies of this topic by putting a display of all the GAA games that we play in Ireland.

Francis’ 6th Class

We enjoyed running our own business this term, going on a BMX tour and rehearsing for our graduation. Members of our class have had lots of success on the various school teams and in a wide variety of sports. We also completed projects on the rainforest and the upcoming Paris Olympics. We have also learned a useful skill for secondary school; sketchnoting! This takes a lot of text and information and simplifies it into visual clues. We also enjoyed our school tour which saw groups competing in the crystal maze in a series of challenges both physical and mental!

Shane’s 6th Class

The 6th classes held a Summer fair on the 25th of April in the hall. To prepare for the summer fair, we made posters, squishies, bracelets and other crafts. Children baked and brought in treats to sell. We also had face paint, popcorn, donuts, raffles & and games. Different stalls were set up around the hall. 

The fair went very well and we sold nearly everything. We would like to say thank you to everyone who supported us by buying our goods, and because of you we were able to go on our extra school tour.

For the tour, we went to St. Catherine’s park, Lucan on the 15th of May to experience the sport of BMX biking. We left the school at around 9:00 a.m. and once we got to St. Catherine’s Park, we went to the playground there. We played in the playground until around lunchtime.

After lunch we went to the BMX experience. The instructor was strict but he explained what to do very well. We got sorted into different groups, and we set off. At first it was scary but then we got the hang of it. We rode on hills and ramps. Some were really high and big but we cleared them.

We had a great time!

By Daniel, Sarah, Davin, Mya & Marta

Extra Curricular Activities


Children from 4th, 5th and 6th class have been participating in the annual Larry McDermott Memorial Tournament. They have represented the school in an outstanding manner, trying their absolute best, and being respectful towards opponents, team mates, referees and management teams. Well done to all players and best of luck in the finals!

Athletics in Santry

 On the 23rd of May children from 4th, 5th and 6th class participated in the Cuman na mBunscoil Athletics event in Santry. All students tried their best but 3 students won medals. Paul won the U14 Shot Putt, Hannah came 2nd in the U14 High Jump and Abbey came 3rd in the U14 Long Jump. Well done to all students who participated!

Football: League Champions!

Our girls football team finished up their last match with a great 5-4 against St. Luke’s NS. The girls put on a great performance and made a strong comeback in this match, they worked together as a team and managed to secure the win. This win was enough to see them win the Dublin West league title.

We are so proud of these girls they have been dedicated to training each week and it has paid off for them.

Dublin West League 2 Winners 23/24

Dublin West League Winners 23/24 

Our boys football team completed their season this week, after finishing top of their league they played St. Patrick’s SNS in Corduff in a Dublin West Final. After an exciting end to end game there was no separating the two teams and it was 1-1 at full time so extra time was needed. 

During extra time our lads continued to show tremendous character, ability and determination and got what they deserved, running out 4-1 winners in extra time! An unbelievable performance not only on the day but throughout the season. We are so proud of these lads for all their attitude, dedication and all that they have achieved this year. A massive thank you to all those in 6th class who played their last game representing the school but no doubt take many precious memories with them.