Newsletter – Friday 7th October 2016


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Updates to our website

There are a few new pages on our website. Why not click the links below to explore our updated/new pages?

Staff changes

We are all very sad to see Fionnuala leaving us. She is off to New Zealand next week and everyone in TETNS wishes her the very best. Mallory will be taking over in Junior Infants and Ciara will be teaching in 1st Class. We wish both every success in TETNS this year.

Aramark ABC Day

Many thanks again to all of the volunteers from Aramark who came to our school on the 20th of September and did so much work giving the school and playground a surprise makeover. We are all delighted with the great work that was done on the day!

IT Team – 6th Class

We have a new IT team of six eager volunteers from 6th Class who will be assisting with IT projects in the school. They will be helping out with assemblies and with keeping our website, Facebook page and twitter feed updated.

Maths week

Maths Week is fast approaching (beginning the week after next) and preparations are in full swing in TETNS. Keep an eye out for updates to our Facebook and twitter accounts!


The boys and girls in Setanta have been enjoying visits from some rabbits over the last few weeks. They are really soft and fluffy and great to rub! Thanks for bringing them in Nichole!

Junior Infants

Labhaoise’s class went blackberry picking and will be making hedgehog bread and blackberry jam next week. Catriona’s class were also featured as our #imageoftheweek on Facebook!

Senior Infants

Senior infants will be examining autumn leaves under a magnifying glass over the next few weeks. They have also been working hard to find patterns around the room and even making their own!

1st class

1st Class have been mixing colours with paint, using the primary colours to make secondary colours and also using white to make tints of colour. We’re all looking forward to seeing their works of art!

Mallory’s first class have been learning all about life under the sea and have converted their classroom into the ocean. They made their own instruments so that they could become a band singing and performing to the song Under the Sea.

2nd class

2nd class have been investigating different tastes – sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Keep an eye on our website for a video showing their work.

3rd class

Shona’s 3rd class have been learning all about chance in maths. The pupils carried out an experiment based on the chance of what colour counter they would pick from the pot containing ten counters over six turns. They changed the amount of each colour in the pot to repeat the experiment.

Aidan’s class have been working on some optical art pieces and have been learning all about light in their science lessons. In English they have been reading some of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes for fun. I wonder which one is their favourite?

4th class

4th class have been settling back into school life. They love working with Larry learning new skills in their GAA training sessions. The mobile library is also proving to be a big hit!

5th class

5th Class have been exploring the secrets of Ancient Egypt. They also marked Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday by each reading one of his fantastic works and doing a research project on the author!

6th class

Our amazing 6th class have been busy!  They’ve been learning about the respiratory system and conducted an experiment to measure their lung capacity and also made some anti-smoking posters. As well as that, in maths they have been working on fractions and Mick’s class have been interviewing teachers as Gaeilge.