Newsletter – Tuesday 24th October 2017

Infant Games and Movie Night

TETNS Parent/Teacher Association are delighted to announce that Movie Night is back! We will also be running a separate activity for Junior and Senior Infants earlier that day.



Date: 27th October 2017

Time: 5-7 pm

Cost: €5 (includes entry, popcorn and a drink)

Details: Children must attend Tyrrelstown Educate Together (1st -6th class only). Parents are welcome to have a cup of tea/coffee in the staff room but due to demand there is NO space for parents to sit in and watch the movie with their children.



Date: 27th October 2017

Time: 1.30 – 2.15

Cost: €2

Details: Join us for some guided dancing, simple games and a story! Pupils MUST be collected as usual at home time and brought to the school hall by a parent/guardian. If pupils attend a crèche/after-school, parents must make arrangements for their child to be brought to the activities.



Tickets are on sale from the Parent/Teacher Association on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th of October outside the school hall. Tickets for both events are on sale from 2 – 3 pm.

If you have any questions (or would like to help out at either event), please contact a member of the Parent/Teacher Association.

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Dress-Up Day

On Friday, children have the option of dressing up as a favourite character. If your child wishes to dress up, please bear these points in mind:

  • We prefer home-made costumes over the commercially produced variety!
  • We prefer funny rather than scary costumes! Many of the younger children in particular would be frightened by scary costumes.
  • The dressing up is for fun only! It is not compulsory.

Little Talks