Newsletter – 21st November 2017

Science Week 2017

Science Week was a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us in the school and by the visitors who came to see the wonderful projects that the children completed.

Thanks to all who contributed in any way to making the week so successful. There are lots of photos on our facebook page.

Facebook and twitter

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Winter Assembly

The Winter Assemblies will be taking place this year on Friday, 15th of December. Further details of times and classes will be sent later.


It is very important that children come to school on time. From time to time, delays can occur on the way to school. We understand that such incidents are exceptional. However, we are concerned that a small number of pupils are repeatedly late.

Children should be in school before 8.40 am.


Vaccinations for Junior Infants will be taking place on Wednesday the 29th of November. Notes have been sent to parents. A text message will also be sent to remind parents.


Hearing and Vision tests for Junior Infants are scheduled for the 7th and 8th of December. We are awaiting forms from the HSE and will forward these to parents when they arrive.


We remind parents to continue to be vigilant about head lice. Head lice are extremely common among school-going children, particularly at this time of year. We ask that parents check their children’s hair regularly and take appropriate action if they notice head lice.


We have also received reports of ringworm. This is a fungal infection which can be treated with anti-fungal creams. It does not require children to be absent from school but may restrict their participation in certain activities, such as P.E., which may involve skin to skin contact.

Pupil Absences

It is very important that you inform the office if your child is absent. In particular, if the absence is of three days or more, please send a note to Julie.

Going Home From School

If 2nd Class pupils are going home on their own, parents must write a note. Older pupils may make their own way home.

Communication Between Home and School

All pupils from 1st to 6th class have a Homework Journal. There is a Parent/Teacher section for communication between home and school. Please arrange an appointment to meet with the class teacher if you have any school related concerns.

If a child is absent, please contact Julie in the office.

Contact Details

If any of your contact details have changed, please notify the office as soon as possible. This is particularly important as we regularly have to contact parents at very short notice.