Newsletter – 25 October 2019

Mid-Term Holidays We have really enjoyed the first half of this term in school since our return from the summer holidays. An incredible amount of work has been done by the children and staff in making displays and artwork to brighten up the building after last year’s upheavel. It has been fantastic to see the school community pull together and this has been so evident in the amount of parents and guardians who have turned up at our Curriculum Meetings and events in September and October. Thank you all for your contribution to making the school such a positive place to be again!


As you know, we break for our mid-term holidays today and therefore, the school will be closed from 28th October to 1st November inclusive. The children will return to school on Monday, 4th November.

Culture & Diversity Assembly A massive thank you to all of the parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. that took time out of their day and joined us at our special assembly on 17th October. We were absolutely amazed with the turnout, the vibrant clothes and colours people went to the effort of wearing and all of the traditional food that was brought along. A huge thanks needs to go to the PTA for their help, the staff of TETNS and most importantly the children who put on exceptional performances with huge smiles on their faces!!
Dress up Day Our annual Dress Up day took place in school today and the children made a huge effort with their outfits and costumes. Please check in with our Facebook page for pictures.
PTA – Movie Day (fundraiser for our school garden) Today, the PTA organised a Movie Day for children in the school hall. The children really enjoyed themselves and we appreciate all the donations that came in for our school garden. A big thank you to the PTA for organising this!!!
Class Photographs The PTA have organised for class photographs to be taken on the week we return to school after mid-term. Permission slips for all children have been sent home however, if you have not received one please contact the school office and we would appreciate if you could return them as soon as you can. Thanks to the PTA for organising!
Parent Teacher Meetings Parent Teacher Meetings will take place towards the end of November. More details will follow after the mid-term break.
Aladdin Connect We are delighted to report that a huge number of parents have downloaded the Aladdin App. We know lots of you have been editing information regarding your address, phone numbers etc. and we appreciate that. If you are experiencing any difficulties or cannot update information, please contact the office.
Website & Social Media We have now compiled all of the permissions for school activities that we have been requesting over the past couple of months. You will now see lots more videos and photographs on our website and social media platforms.
Resident Artist Ann has been taking some 6th Class students to brainstorm and prepare for this year’s project.
Assembly Congratulations to all the classes who have won “Line of the Week” and “Class of the Week” since our last newsletter, you have been fantastic!
Resource Money Any parents who wish to pay the Resource money for the 2019 / 2020 academic school year please pay online or contact the school office.
Rainbows Rainbows Ireland is a free, listening, peer, group support service that provides support for children from the age of 7, after they have experienced a Parental Separation and or Bereavement. When significant change and loss happens in a family, the entire family can be affected including children. Children generally find it difficult to understand their feelings and often do not have the words to say how they feel. Rainbows provides group support for children of a similar age and loss experience. Meeting others in a similar situation can be very supportive for children. Rainbows is not a counselling group or professional therapy. Tyrrelstown ETNS provides this service to children attending our school. Staff at our school have undertaken the training to become a Rainbows Volunteer Facilitator. If you would like more information on the availing of this service please contact the school office.
Contact Details If any of your contact details have changed, particularly phone numbers, please notify the office as soon as possible. This is particularly important as we regularly have to contact parents at very short notice. We also need the names of people to contact in the case of emergency.