Optional school work from Monday 20th April 2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dear Parents / Guardians,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and your children took the opportunity to relax as best possible, given the circumstances, over that past couple of weeks.

As everyone will be aware since my last email, the Government has extended school closures until at least 5th May 2020 and tight restrictions on movement are in place until this time. Obviously, this decision has been made in the interest of everyone’s health and safety however, I am fully aware of the impact it will have for children and parents when it comes to education.

In addition, it also considerably impacts our ability as a staff to access our school building and gather resources for lessons for your children. However, until restrictions of movement are relaxed, we will continue to provide online content with minimal to no printing where possible.

By now, I know that there are a lot of you that are concerned about the impact the closure is having on your child’s educational progression whilst trying to cope with all of the changes that have impacted all households as a result of the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is a very difficult time and it doesn’t get easier as the weeks move on, in fact it only gets more difficult and frustrating. As I have said before, we do not want to add to the pressures by overloading you with lessons and content, however, we do want to ensure you have enough material to choose from for your child to engage with and maintain an educational routine.

This week the teachers have again thought long and hard about the type of work they are setting and have come up with activities that focus on some key skills and strategies that children need. The work is now up on our website and you can access it at www.tetns.ie/pupils/learning-from-home.

On a lighter note, we have really enjoyed seeing all of the amazing things some of you have been getting up to over the last couple of weeks and some of the pictures can be viewed on our Tyrrelstown Educate Together NS Facebook page. It’s amazing to see children and families engaging in a range of activities at home and when this is all over I’m sure you will be able to look back on some of the time you spent together with great fondness.

If you would like to send in a picture of anything you have been getting up to during this time, be it playing, creating art, school work, baking, helping around the house etc. we would be delighted to see a picture which you can email to tetnsphotos@gmail.com.

In the meantime, please approach the work we send out as a menu for you to choose and prioritise from and not a timetable for you to put yourself under pressure to follow in it’s entirety. As a staff, we will be discussing further initiatives we can consider in order to support your child’s learning from home and will update you on these as soon as they are organised.

Take care of yourselves and as ever should you have any queries you can contact us at info@tetns.ie.

Warm regards,

Tim Stapleton[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]