Mid-term break

Dear parents and guardians,

Mid-term break is upon us and more than any other break before both you and your children will be delighted to have a week away from school work.

It has been a difficult few weeks since remote learning commenced and I’m sure it has taken a toll on you all. From our vantage point, all we can say is the engagement, quality of work and commitment to trying to progress learning from home has been outstanding across all age groups. The children have tried to adjust to an unfamiliar and complicated method of learning without the consistent in person support of their friends in school, teachers and SNAs and we are so so proud of them. It is obviously so frustrating and restrictive on all children and hopefully with any luck we will be back in school and back to normal soon.

Parents and guardians, you too have been incredible through all of this and balancing home, work and school life in your own houses is so complicated and stressful and I’m sure a week away from school work will give you a welcome rest too. Thank you so much for all the work you are putting in at home and all the support you have given the children and school through this closure.

As next week is planned holidays for the children we will be pausing Google Classroom for the week from this evening. Google Classroom will recommence again from the 22nd February until such time we are notified about school reopening.

From 22nd February 2021, we will be welcoming our Setanta Classes back to our school and hopefully by then, the Department of Education will be able to give us more clarity on a possible reopening date for the rest of the school. As of yet we have not been informed of when that might happen but once we have been notified (which is usually at a press briefing you can see on the News) we will contact you.

For now, take care and enjoy the well deserved break next week and a Happy Chinese New Year to all you celebrating today.