Sports Week – 21st – 25th June 2021

Dear parents and guardians,

As many of you might have heard from your children already, Sports Week will be taking place in the school next week. 
Events have been planned (adhering with our COVID Plan) for all year groups to take part in over the course of the whole week. This is to make up for the fact that we missed Active Schools Week this year due to school closures.

As a result, can we ask that everyday next week children wear suitable clothes for lots of sports activities. We would also suggest that you have a look out for the weather forecast as this may have a bearing on what the children will wear and whether to apply sun cream or not.

There will be a lot of activities taking place in the school everyday however, each  class will also be timetabled for an event in the GAA pitch on the following days:

Monday – 5th and 6th Classes

Wednesday – Junior and Senior Infants

Thursday – 1st and 2nd Class 

Friday – 3rd and 4th Class

In terms of the children in Setanta, they attend through a mix of joining some of the classes above (where achievable) and setting out their own tailored activities established by their teachers and SNAs.

As mentioned in a previous email, we are unfortunately unable to invite parents to the event this year, which is very disappointing however, we will upload lots of pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages for you to get a sense of the fun the children had.

Kind regards