Newsletter 23rd September 2021

Welcome back to Tyrrelstown Educate Together NS for the 2021/2022 academic year!!! After a hugely challenging year last year, it was fantastic to see everyone again and I hope you enjoyed your well deserved summer break.

We are really excited about the easing of restrictions and the return of all the fun activities we used to have in the school in the past. In fact, this year GAA classes, cricket, tag rugby and our After Schools programme (indoors and outdoors) have already returned and the children are loving them. Throughout the course of the year we are extremely hopeful that we will be able to host assemblies, parent teacher meetings, dress up days and many more in person again. 

I want to extend a special welcome to all of our new students starting school with us this year and wish them the very best for the future. We know they will have an amazing time and will make lots of new friends. Starting a new school can be as nerve wracking for parents as it is the children but we know they will adjust quickly to their new surroundings!

There is a lot of positivity in the air for this year and I’m sure you are all looking forward to it as much as we are.

I hope you enjoy our newsletter and talk to you soon,



A close up view of part of our new logo…

There will be some changes happening around the school this year, starting with our logo! Keep an eye out over the next few weeks and you might see something new!

Báetán’s Junior Infants

Báetán’s class have been busy learning to share and developing their fine motor skills by using building blocks, playdough making peg pictures and lacing pictures. 

Lorna’s Junior Infants

The Junior Infants in Lorna’s class have been working on their fine motor skills this week.They have been practicing cutting and sticking, colouring and tracing.

Mark’s Junior Infants

Mark’s class have been learning to use scissors safely over the last week. They have been trying very hard to move the paper and not the scissors and trying extra hard to keep their thumb on top when cutting!

Gerry’s Senior Infants

Gerry’s Senior Infants class enjoyed painting self-portraits this week. 

Elaine’s Senior Infants

Elaine’s Senior Infants are busy every morning playing with fine motor toys. This is a great time to chat with classmates and work together! 

Bríd’s 1st Class

In Bríd’s first class, we have been learning all about ourselves and how we have grown and changed since we were young. We are building homes for our families. 

Jodie’s 1st Class

In Jodie’s first class we have been practicing our number formation as we learn about games from the past. We used chalk to make a game of hopscotch. 

Naomi’s 1st Class

Naomi’s first class have been enjoying settling into their longer day. GAA and Aistear have been favourites so far.

Ciara’s 2nd Class

Ciara’s 2nd class has been very busy this week. We have been focusing
on the artist Picasso and we completed some Picasso inspired self portraits. We also started GAA with Mark which we are really enjoying.

Shauna’s 2nd Class

Shauna’s class have settled back into school and are really enjoying second class so far. Last week we investigated colours using paint. We used some primary colours to make secondary colours and made a colour wheel displaying our work.

Shona’s 2nd Class

Shona’s 2nd Class have been having fun at art time look at pictures painted by Picasso and exploring the use of colour and shape. They used Picasso’s  deconstructivist approach to create their own self-portraits. 

Eoin O’S’ 3rd Class

Hello from Eoin’s 3rd Class! September has been a month of fun and getting to know each other all over again. Teamwork has been our #1 priority!

Jean’s 3rd Class

Jean’s 3rd class are having great fun playing tag rugby with Coach Rob each Wednesday.

Shane’s 3rd Class

Shane’s third class have settled back into school well. We have welcomed two new students to our class this year. We have been having lots of fun in art, science and P.E. We have also been learning how to play tag rugby with coach Rob from Leinster Rugby.

Seán’s 4th Class

Seán’s class have been learning lots of music since the start of the year. This week they learned Stand By Me by Ben E. King on the xylophones.

Mary’s 4th Class

Mary’s 4th Class have been learning about various countries around the world, using Chromebooks to do our independent researching. Once we gathered our information, we then presented our information to the class. This is Sophie’s project on “Spain”. 

Kathryn’s 4th Class

We have been settling back into school very well here in Kathryn’s 4th class. We have been busy and working very hard. We have been researching our favourite countries on the Chrome Books and enjoying learning to play Tag Rugby, We are getting ready for Autumn with some lovely Art in our classroom.

Denis’ 5th Class

Harvest Moon; the full moon before the autumnal equinox, occurred on Monday 20th. To mark this, Denis’ 5th class took advantage of a warm afternoon to harvest the apples from the trees in the yard. Even though quite a number remained uncollected due to being out of reach, over 8kg were gathered. During the harvest the pupils learned how fruit bearing trees depend on animals, not just to pollinate their flowers, but also to help spread their seeds. The autumnal equinox took place on Wednesday 22nd of September.

Francis’ 5th Class

Room 26 have been settling into 5th Class and have spent the last few weeks learning about a wide range of topics! So far we have been as busy as bees learning similes in English, revising our tables, starting a new class novel, celebrating Roald Dahl day by designing a theme park, undertaking a STEM challenge to build as tall a tower as possible using only paper, sellotape and books! We’ve also sampled cricket, attempted harmonies in music (still a work in progress!) and tried our hand at some street art inspired name tags!

Lucy’s 5th Class

Lucy’s 5th class really enjoyed a maths trail around the school grounds looking for lines and angles in the environment. They worked together fabulously and found lots of examples of all the different lines and angles, two boys even found acute angles in the branches of some trees! 

Eoin M’s 6th Class

In Eoin’s 6th class, we have been studying about The Olympics. We’ve written work about this in English and we have been making flame torches, drawings and paintings in Art.

Niamh C’s 6th Class

Niamh C’s 6th class are very happy to be back in school. We have begun to read the novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio, which we really enjoy. We are excited for the year ahead!

Seamus’ 6th Class

For the last number of weeks Séamus’s class have been focusing on drawing of animals and sea creatures in Art such as Basset Hounds and The Clown Loach Fish.

During PE Séamus’s class have been playing cricket and enjoying it greatly.

Mallorie’s Setanta Class

What better way to start the morning! Here are the children in Setanta doing their morning yoga.

Hannah’s Setanta Class

Hannah’s class has been settling into school very well. The children are making new friends and doing exciting activities in Setanta. Here we are at our morning meeting where we sing songs, play with toys and have lots of fun!