Newsletter 28th January 2022

A note from Tim

Dear children, parents and guardians,
Happy New Year to you all and a very warm welcome back to Tyrrelstown ETNS after the winter break. I want to take this opportunity to wish the children the very best for this term and I hope they enjoy all of the new skills and information they will learn. 3rd and 4th have started swimming and will continue to go on Fridays. Sports coaching has also returned to school so there will be lots of fun activities to partake in. The children have been doing fantastically with all the new rules and changes that continuously come into place and they are a credit to themselves and their parents. Again, all the best for the term ahead!!!

Introducing our new logo!

Back in September, we mentioned that we would be changing our logo. We love our old logo but we felt that it is somewhat outdated and not as colourful, vibrant or modern as our school community is.

Above, you can see our new logo. Over time we will be rolling out this new logo to our headed paper, website, social media etc. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Báetán’s Junior Infants

Junior infants have been learning about Winter and made some bird feeders to help animals during the cold weather.

Lorna’s Junior Infants

We are having great fun learning some new dances this month in Lorna’s class.

Mark’s Junior Infants

Mark’s Junior Infants class have been busy painting since we came back! We have been learning about how to clean our brushes when we change colours. We even mixed blue and yellow paint together to make green!

Elaine’s Senior Infants

Elaine’s class are learning all about “Under the Sea” and creatures that live in the ocean. This week during art, we loved making jellyfish using paint and paper plates!

Gerry’s Senior Infants

Gerry’s Senior Infants have been enjoying their maths stations this term. Here is a picture of one group working on creating and extending their own patterns to make bird feeders using different coloured cheerios and pipe cleaners. You might see them hanging on the tree in front on the school if you look closely. 

Bríd’s 1st Class

Brid’s class have been learning all about the body, farms and where our food comes from. We have planted some herb seeds to monitor what plants need to grow. We are in the process of constructing a cool farm.

Jodie’s 1st Class

In Jodie’s 1st class the children have been learning all about farming. The children planted some seeds of their own. Seeds need water, sunlight and something to grow in.

Naomi’s 1st Class

This month our class have been experimenting with different painting techniques, playing in the snow and learning about the farm. We also have been discussing people who help us and learning to be subtraction experts.

Ciara’s 2nd Class

Ciara’s 2nd class has been very busy since returning from our Winter
break. We had great fun exploring magnets and we designed our own
fridge magnets. We have also been focusing on the topic of Antarctica
with a particular focus on penguins. We learned all about the different types of penguins as well as the life cycle of a penguin. We began learning the tin whistle and we are really enjoying it.

Shauna’s 2nd Class

Shauna’s 2nd class have been investigating magnets. We had a lot of fun looking for magnetic and non magnetic materials around our classroom. We then designed a maze and had to try to get a paper clip through it. Tricky stuff! Lastly we designed and made our very own fridge magnets. 

Shona’s 2nd Class

Shona’s 2nd Class have been engrossed in all there is to know about the Antarctic. We have been learning about the different species of penguin and about Tom Crean’s brilliant expeditions to this part of the world. We all drew emperor penguins using pastels, crayons and colouring pencil and checked to see how many parts of the penguin we could label. We can safely say that we are all experts!

Eoin O’S’ 3rd Class

This month Eoin’s 3rd class have been studying the Solar System. We have carried out experiments to determine the size of Earth’s moon and its distance from the Earth. We only needed balloons, string and our globe to do this.

We also undertook research to investigate an object in the solar system of our choice. The fascinating facts we’ve found are going to be displayed on posters so we can share our knowledge with any visitors to our room! 

Jean’s 3rd Class

We are delighted to be back with our friends after the winter break. We are learning about 3D shapes in Maths, procedural writing in English and having lots of fun during P.E. We started our swimming lessons at the National Aquatic Centre and played handball too. We are looking forward to the mobile library’s visit to the school later this month. 

Shane’s 3rd Class

Shane’s third class have had an exciting start to this term. We started swimming lessons in the National Aquatic Centre, which take place on Friday afternoons. In school we have been learning about magnets and magnetism in science. In the picture you can see the magnetic maze puzzles that we made. We have also been learning about the important work that Martin Luther King Jr. did to promote civil rights.

Seán’s 4th Class

Seán’s 4th class have been learning about ancient civilisations in History. Last week they studied the Ancient Romans and created some Mosaic art. This week, they studied the Celts and designed their own names in Celtic Ogham writing.

Mary’s 4th Class

Fourth Class have been very busy researching the history of Tyrrelstown Educate Together.  We have interviewed staff members who were present when the school opened its doors for the first time, including Teachers, Special Needs Assistants (SNA’s), Julie our Secretary, Seamus our Caretaker, Monika our Cleaner, Breda our Lollipop Lady when the school was in prefabs in Powerstown, some parents and Leona Richmond the Chairperson of the Parents Association.  We delved into the archives to find photos of the school from 2005 – today and are currently using the schools Chromebooks to make PowerPoint presentations which we hope to have up on the school facebook page soon.

Kathryn’s 4th Class

We are very happy here in 4th class to be back in school, we have been learning lots about Ancient Rome and The Romans since we came back to school. We started swimming lessons and we are all really enjoying being back in the pool! We are looking forward to the next few weeks learning and practising our swimming skills! 

Denis’ 5th Class

What do you get when you cross 2 and 3-D shapes in Maths with procedural writing in English? Is it not obvious? The answer is on the wall outside Denis’s 5th Class.

Francis’ 5th Class

Francis’ 5th Class have been exploring a wide range of topics recently. We took a small break from Long Division to work on our problem solving skills in Ancient Atlantis and have started the tin whistle (apologies). In Art it’s all about depth and perspective while during Science we have been studying different biomes around the world. 

Lucy’s 5th Class

Lucy’s 5th class have been working on procedural writing as part of the English curriculum. Here, they followed a procedure to make kites, which we then took outside to fly!

Eoin M’s 6th Class

In History this month we have been studying about World War 1. We have been researching the causes of WW1,  which countries were in Alliances and life for soldiers in the horrific trenches.

Niamh C’s 6th Class

Niamh’s 6th class have been learning about the artist Pablo Picasso. They created self-portraits inspired by the cubism style of art. They are very happy to have started athletics lessons with coach Ciarán, they really enjoy it!

Seamus’ 6th Class

During the month of January Seamus’ 6th class have been working on a variety of projects in class relating to World War One, The African Nations Cup and Weather Events. The children have researched these topics independently on the class chromebooks and compiled a Google Slides presentation on all topics.

In Art this month the children have been painting a variety of landscapes such as the Cliffs of Moher and a Winter Scene. The children will continue with this topic over the next couple of weeks.

Also this month the children through the SPHE programme have been learning about internet safety for children.

Mallorie and Hannah’s Setanta Class

Each morning the children in Setanta go running and walking together around the track in the mornings. What a great way to start our day with a bit of exercise! It might just be our favourite part of the day in Room 7!

Here we have the wonderful children in Setanta having a breakfast morning. We learn life skills at school and our favourite one is cooking lessons! It was really enjoyable to have both classes in our shared area.